Okay, okay, I know…Rocky? A musical? One of my favorite movies of all time on stage as a musical??? Well, of course I HAD to see it. “Yo Adreinne! We’re on Broadway!”

rocky broadway sign



The musical version of Rocky definitely follows the story line of the movie written by Sylvester Stallone. That story of Stallone even getting the film made back in 1978 was even a better story of someone against all odds in my opinion. Such an inspirational story of just not giving up. The Story Behind Rocky

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It’s definitely not West Side Story or Phantom of the Opera as far as the music. You’ll probably walk out humming the special effects, it is a multimedia extravaganza. I might have gotten sucker punched but I actually liked it. The original Rocky is one of the greatest underdog films of all time. The story is still here too. How can you not root for a lovable loser like Rocky who wins the girl in the end? And the best part of the show…the fight of course. But we all know who wins in the end, right?

Cast members thank attendees during the curtain call at the preview performance of Rocky on Broadway in Manhattan, New York

Roger Anthony Rocky Broadway