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It was nice to meet Marisa Tomei again at the SAG Foundation Career Conversations and she’s currently starring on Broadway in The Realistic Joneses. So after hearing her, I now want to go see this play. Marisa is one of my favorite actresses and she looks AMAZING in person. It seems like she hasn’t aged in twenty years! She looks like her biological clock is still ticking, this line of course from “My Cousin Vinny” for which she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

I had met Marisa while working on the independent film, “Happy Accidents” starring herself and Vincent D’Onofrio directed by Brad Anderson. It was an art gallery scene shot in Brooklyn on one of the hottest days that summer. And on the breaks between filming, we took turns cooling ourselves in a small space by sharing a huge flexible hose coming from a cooling system truck from outside. Yes, I shared a hose with Marisa Tomei if that’s what you’re thinking. That’s because the location where we were shooting in had NO air conditioning. We were sweating throughout the whole scene. Oh well, that’s what indie filmmaking is like sometimes.

Anyway, fast forward when I went to Sundance in 2000 where they screened the film and of course, when Marisa, Vincent and Brad did the Q&A’s, that was the only day they mentioned because it was so memorably hot. Go figure!